World Anthropology Congress - WAC 2023


This event is being co-organised by the Anthropology departments of Delhi University, Uktal University and Sambalpur University, alongside the Government of Odisha.

United Indian Anthropology Forum (UIAF)

UIAF is a unique platform for the Indian Anthropology fraternity, including budding and veteran anthropologists and aspiring and alumni anthropologists as well as senior and young anthropologists engaged in teaching, research and applied areas, across different specialisations for exchange of views and ideas, with an integrated perspective. It is envisaged to be an online community that facilitates an exchange of views, consolidation of knowledge, exposure to new knowledge, training sound anthropological minds with anthropological values, and above all, taking it as a mission with a disciplinary commitment to revitalise Anthropology across India.

UIAF Logo - WAC 2023
Delhi University Logo - WAC 2023

Department of Anthropology,
Delhi University

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Delhi was founded in 1947 with the sole aim of undertaking holistic research and teaching in different aspects of human living. The first batch of students, admitted a year later, produced some of the finest anthropologists of international repute, who also contributed significantly to the administrative and corporate life of the University of Delhi. This department has always been a leader, declaring the agenda of research and teaching for others to have a close and learning look.

Department of Anthropology,
Utkal University

The Post Graduate Department of Anthropology was established in 1958, started functioning in a borrowed government building near the Old Convent School, Bhubaneswar, under the stewardship of Late Professor Dr. A. Aiyappan and later, in 1962 was shifted to the Utkal University Campus, Vani Vihar. The department is guided by its mission to educate students towards understanding and appreciation of human universals and diversities by imparting foundation and emerging areas of anthropological knowledge. It works to generate new knowledge by engaging in advanced interdisciplinary and collaborative research to promote academic growth and facilitate sustainable interaction with academia, civil society and industry. It also aims to bridge the gap between local and global human perspectives through fieldwork based anthropological inquiries.

Utkal University Logo - WAC 2023
Sambalpur University Logo - WAC 2023

Department of Anthropology,
Sambalpur University

The department was initially established as a joint Department of Anthropology and Sociology in 1976. Besides, the teaching programme in M.A/M.Sc. in Anthropology, the Department of Anthropology has also M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes. The department offers specialization in social/cultural anthropology and physical/biological anthropology. The thrust area of the Department is tribal studies, social exclusion/inclusion and children and childhood. The department is known for its teaching, research and extension work.