UNITED INDIAN ANTHROPOLOGY FORUMUIAF: CRD 11- Anthropology of Children and Childhood

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  • Prof. Deepak K. Behera, President, UIAF Domain Chair CRD-11 (Chair Person)
  • Prof. Geetika Ranjan, Head, Dept. of Anthropology, North-Eastern Hill University, National Chair, CRD 11, Shillong (Coordinator)
  • Prof, Anand Singh, Prof. of Anthropology: UZKN, Durban
  • Dr: Alison Kahn, Director, Oxford Documentary Film Institute, Oxford
  • Prof. S. Gregory, Member Secretary, UIAF, Former Professor of Anthropology, Kannur University
  • Dr. Rashmi Upadhyay, Migration Researcher, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: 7th July 2022

Time: 6.30 pm